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My name is Shèna Winchester and I am a time-poor mother of one who also happens to be a recording artist, songwriter and actress. I was suddenly widowed on September 21st 2014, and I lost my voice due to extreme stress and trauma a year later as a result of that and after having taken on a nanny from Hell. I went from literally being a high flyer who regularly travelled the world, to becoming a virtually unemployable single mom. I realised I had to learn how to develop some of my other skills ie blogging and marketing fast to not only survive, but thrive in the digital age.

I was lucky as I haven’t completely lost my beautiful voice that can sound like Whitney Houston.  And I have an ability to recognise what my fans want and what other time-poor moms like me need, especially those that have found themselves in dire circumstances through no fault of their own.

Here is a cover of me singing I Will Always Love You:

Moms in particular, are crying out for an outlet, a way to still utilise the skills that made them six-figure earners and high-flyers before they became hands-on moms. They want to find ways of contributing financially in their households without compromising their responsibilities as mothers. This is not an unreasonable desire and one I believe I can help them with.

I am a creative who is learning to combine my biggest passion being a recording artist and actress with the business skills that would make the Kardashians proud. I am also a single mom who struggles with the idea of using a nanny to raise my son as the last one traumatised him. If you want to have financial independence so that you can raise your children and still bring home the bacon, then you need to do the same: you need to learn how to develop at least one of your business skills to make money regularly and passively and with that ability, you’ll never look back.

This blog combines both my passions: the entertainment business with marketing and making money online, so prepare to be entertained but yet educated about how to put the ‘preneur’ in any business and find financial freedom. I will discuss what tools I use, how much money I am spending and what I have got out of every training course that I have studied. I will also bring to light what I am working on musically and discuss what it is really like to be a divapreneur and a mumpreneur in the modern age.

If you have any doubts in your mind about my credibility as an artist and as an entrepreneur, then just Google me (Shena Winchester) or follow me on social media.

Peace and love,

Shèna 🙂

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