Father’s Day: buy him the perfect gift this year

Joe McSween's Album.

Invariably we all put our fathers on a pedestal and see them as our heroes and not just on Father’s Day. Although from what I’ve learned most dads are not without their flaws and foibles. In the end we have to accept that fifty percent of their DNA contributed to who we are today, and that’s not such a bad thing after all, is it? Well what if your dad really was an unsung hero? What if he’d missed out on the opportunity to become an international star because he opted for raising four daughters instead?

Nat King Cole & Elvis?

Moreover what if he looked like Sidney Poitier, but sang like a cross between Nat King Cole and Elvis Presley? Wouldn’t that leave a bitter-sweet taste in your mouth whenever you heard him sing? You would feel extremely grateful that he was always there for you and your siblings whilst growing up. However also sad that he missed out on the chance of a lifetime, to travel the world and be a star. All this because he was so determined to be a great dad? Which he is! Wouldn’t that make choosing him a gift every Father’s Day challenging?

The reason why I am writing this is that about 5 years back he was over here (UK)from the Caribbean. He spent loads of time with myself, and it dawned on me that dad was my unsung hero. Why? Well because my father is a very humble, unassuming and laid-back individual. He just went upstairs in me and my hubby James’ home recording studio, and recorded 10 classic tracks. It was from artists like Elvis Presley which he sang without so much as a note out of place. What makes this so incredible is the fact that my dad was 71 at the time!

My late husband, James, who was the professional songwriter and music producer, called him one-take Joe. It was incredible how he could perform like that at his age. In my opinion, he was as good as the artists who had performed those songs the first time around.

Father’s Day is special

As a recording artist myself I don’t always get it as perfect as dad did in that afternoon. I was in awe! What made it interesting was the following week, I did backing vocals for the king himself, the late Elvis Presley. Whilst I could appreciate why he was a legend I had to tell dad, ‘ he has nothing on you’.

Please click on one of the links below to see him recording one of the songs in our studio.

Father’s day is a wonderful opportunity to show your dad how much you love and appreciate him. My Father’s Day gift to my dad is to finally share his gorgeous voice with the world. All this via an album we recorded in my home studio. His generation, just needs to close their eyes and be transported back to when Nat King Cole and Elvis reigned. When voices made you melt and when talent was undeniable.

I’m not suggesting for a minute that my dad was or is a saint. I’m sure my mum would have something to say on the subject. It just seems unjust to me when members of your family are incredibly talented, but are totally undiscovered?

Why I’m grateful

I personally am described as the UK’s favourite dance diva by Heat magazine and The British Whitney by the Russians. Feel free to subscribe to this blog if you want to be kept in the loop about my other diva shenanigans. Could I have passed that opportunity up to be a full-time mum? Foregoing my dreams, and never knowing what I might have been or become? I have to be honest as much as I love my son to bits I don’t know if I could. And would I have been as successful as I am today if my dad hadn’t selflessly chosen family over dreams? Certainly not. Father’s day is where I like to now show him my gratitude.

I inherited his dodgy knees, his tiny ears, his athleticism, his physique, his cheekbones, his overactive bladder, his temperament, the age-defying genes, his spendthrift tendencies and his passion for music. But he blessed my sisters and I with a skill that many people could only dream of: the ability to sing. Yes we all have it!

What if my dad had created the kind of dystopia that too many fathers out there selfishly choose to create? Then I guess I would not hold him in such high regard; however, he didn’t so I guess I just want to repay him somehow for the sacrifices he has made for me and my sisters.

Special Gift for Father’s Day

If you’re stuck with a special gift for Father’s Day this year and your dad or grandad loved Elvis Presley and Nat King Cole, then how about gifting them with an album recorded by my dad, Joseph McSween. It has 10 songs on it and includes tunes like: I Can’t Help Falling in Love with You and You Look Wonderful Tonight. Also it is available as a download.

With that said I would like to dedicate this blog to my dad, Joseph Cuthbert McSween: my unsung hero.

If you might be interested in purchasing my Dad’s classic album or you want to learn more then please click here

Father’s Day doesn’t have to be a headache this year, it can be about gifting your dad with something that you know he will love for years to come. Please comment below or subscribe to my blog. My son’s father died nearly 5 years ago now, so for those celebrating their dads everywhere, I know how important Father’s Day is.

If you’re curious and want to hear the full version of my dad performing one of the songs, then click here and sorry that it’s in portrait mode:

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